How to Build Your Own Website For Free?

Today, creating a website for your business is the most important intermediate stage between the idea of starting a business and its implementation and making a profit.

And if you want the process of website creation not to slow down/reduce to a minimum, but on the contrary, accelerate the possibility of implementing the project and making a profit, you should find the easiest and most effective way to create your ideal website.

And since you are here – be sure that you have found it!

How to build a website from scratch with the little money but with the best results?

Use the new AI Website Builder – Weblium!

How we made it possible?

We simply joined the lean-methodology of site development with the approach of the web-development studio, and we called it a “do-it-for-me site builder”.

On the one hand, you get a chance to use the unique integrated system; and on the other, you can use our team of experts in the field of design and web development to successfully turn all your business ideas into reality from anywhere you are!

As a result, you will get a mobile-friendly website with an individual design, SSL-certificate, and Google Cloud hosting. You’ll get 100% website ownership – and the best results for this money!

Our approach had already proved its efficiency: since we have started, we have created 12,161 successful sites!


We offer you winning solutions at all stages:

  • If you are looking at how to make your own website for free, try Draftium, which will help you to create a prototype of your website. This will help the webmasters to clearly understand your idea just at the start!
  • Create a website for FREE on Weblium FREE website builder
  • On the website building stage, Weblium experts will transform your idea into a modern and unique website that will express the essence of your business. Use the benefits of a modern website builder and web-design studio to get the best results really fast and at the affordable price!
  • After your website is ready, use our Communion tool to make your business stronger, by expanding and capitalizing it with the community of certified partners.

Steps to build your website on Weblium

  • Making a website prototype first is the safest way to start the journey! Of course, this is not the way of how to create a website for free. But, at this stage, you’ll get an absolutely free website prototype, сreated by experts, and this will be the first and the most important step of the creation of your perfect website that will meet all your business needs. One more important thing – you will see how we work before you make the very first paying!
  • Designing website. After you have approved the prototype, we start working on the design of your website. We apply the world’s best design practices to offer you the best of the best solution.
  • Additional services. After you have approved your new website design, we do the rest, and then transfer the complete site to your account. Then, you can start adding pages, blocks, texts, images with the help of Weblium Editor. If you want to do all these things for you – then just tell us!

We support you all the way to success!

Create your own website with Weblium!

Weblium returns all your money if you are not satisfied with your new website!


What do you get with Weblium?

When you decide to launch your business with Weblium, you can be certain to get the following package of services:

  • built-in templates to use as the base;
  • functional tools for a particular website type;
  • SEO and promotion tools;
  • hosting;
  • opportunity to work with the website anytime and anywhere;
  • managing via all mobile devices, including smartphones;
  • technical support after the launch


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