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Today papercraft is extremely popular – and this is not surprising, ‘cause often these hand-made products are unique and high-quality.
And although many talented people make something with their hands, most of them do not know where and how to sell their products.
So, if you, creative guys want to become true professionals and make the whole world talk about your talent, you need to create papercraft website: this is an effective tool for building the image and attracting customers. In order turn your hobby into a prosperous business, you have to find out what your papercraft website should look like and how it should work!
Of course, the website should sell your handmade products, but it should not look like an online store at all! Since your potential client is a connoisseur of originality, creativity, and unusual solutions, your website should be unique, beautiful, image-based!

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A papercraft website should fulfill many important tasks like building your credibility, helping you to get found in Google search, give our visitors exhaustive answers, gather leads, drive sales and so on. If you are planning to build a successful papercraft website, you can start with checking out papercraft templates here on Weblium. Also, you can get the free website structure for your papercraft website also on Weblium. Check Weblium to start building the first-class papercraft website. Use the advantage to get the hosting and domain for your papercraft website for free: the costs are included in the price of your new papercraft website. More than that, we guarantee 100% of your money back if you don’t like the result!
The site must be filled with large, beautiful pictures of your works. For example, divide a section on the first screen for 4 sections – and place 4 large photos of your work here: this will help you to attract the attention of different people.
Place your big photo on the main page or on the “About me” page: the photo should show the best of you!
Tell about yourself: the more information you will place on the “About Me” page, the better. Post information about the exhibitions in which you have participated, post your interviews, tell about how your works are being created, tell about the history of the type of art, about the materials you use. Don’t forget to place many beautiful photographs with this info.
No matter where your creative flow takes you, always remember that you should create papercraft website that is convenient for the visitors. To do so, think of a concise structure with minimum buttons – only the things you really need like “About Me”, “Buy my works”, “Contacts”, еtс. It is a good idea to divide the “Archive of my works” section into logical subsections because there must be hundreds of works you’ve got there.
It will be great if your site has a customer feedback section with the comments and even photos of the happy owners of your works!

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